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College Care Packages

Paleo Gift

Most care packages for college kids are filled with nothing but junk food and candy. Our gifts are a healthy, tasty and fun alternative to the candy. Here are some of our most popular gifts for late night studying:

Paleo Celebration Gift Basket -

The Celebration Gift Basket comes with your choice of basket. The emojis are very popular for college students, and balloons for birthdays!

Paleo Snacks Gift Tower -

Studying and snacking go together! Our Paleo Snacks Gift Tower is filled with a variety of treats that provide healthy fuel for long lectures.

Numi Tea Gift Bouquet -

Gift bouquets always brighten up the day. The Numi Tea Gift Bouquet features an assortment of high quality Numi Teas and honey sticks. Perfect for the student who prefers tea over coffee.