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Autumn is here!

Birthday Snack Bar Gift Bouquet -

The air is getting crisp and the leaves are turning colors, it must be autumn! This month we are featuring two very unique gifts – gourmet bouquets! They are similar to candy bouquets, but instead of junk food, we use healthy paleo treats.

Birthday Snack Bar Gift Bouquet - PaleoGiftBaskets.comBirthday Snack Bar Bouquet – It’s a splash of balloons, colors and paleo snack bars! This full size gourmet bouquet includes a variety of snack bars including fruit & nut bars, dark chocolate, paleo cookies, almond butter and a protein bar.

Gourmet Tea Gift Bouquet -

Gourmet Tea Gift Bouquet – Warm them up with a full assortment of high quality Numi teas and Stash honey sticks. Each tea bag (in its own beautiful packet) is hand assembled into a beautiful bouquet framed with coorinating puffs.

The pot covers used in both these gifts are reusable and made from recycled materials.