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Autocorrect said what?

Gunderson Gifts - autocorrect can change shipping info on ordersWe’ve seen an increase in delivery delays due to mistakes in the Ship-to address. Here are some ways to help prevent mistakes:

  • Be sure to double check the Ship-to address before you hit the “Place Order” button
  • Make sure the numbers are not transposed
  • Autocorrect can change the street name and/or city
  • Remember to include any apartment or suite numbers
  • When sending to their work address, be sure to include the name of the business (it’s not needed when we ship to their home address)

If you saw the mistake right when clicking the “Place Order” button (hasn’t that happened to all of us at least once!) or when reviewing your order confirmation, then just let us know through the Contact Us form on our website. We’ll get it corrected for you!