Cyndy at Gunderson GiftsCyndy Gunderson was a woman who suffered from migraines. She got them under control once by changing her diet, so when they started up again, she looked again at her diet. While reading various blogs, she found that more and more people were finding great success with the Paleo Diet.

“Why not give it a try,” she thought. A very short time later she was hooked. Not only did the headaches go away, but she had more energy, also gone were the mid-afternoon hunger pains, and low blood sugar crankiness. Plus she lost 25 pounds in four months!

As she dived further into the paleo lifestyle, she realized that there were no paleo gift basket options available. Seeing a great chance to help her fellow cavemen and cavewomen, Paleo Gift Baskets dot com was born! Gunderson Gifts has since expanded into healthy gift bouquets.